Neighborhood Children’s Ministry

As we began using our language of “neighborhood church for the nations”, one of my convictions is that there are lots of children who live right around our neighborhood who have no connection to our church. Our church is two blocks from a large elementary school.

Here are some of our steps to intentionally connecting with the families in church’s neighborhood:

  • We met with the elementary principal to brainstorm what the needs are of the community and what we could do to serve families. We are looking at creating an after-school tutoring opportunity in the fall as well as reviving a one afternoon a week after school club.
  • We have a plan to take something to neighborhood children once every other month or so. We began with Easter baskets last week. For mother’s day we plan to take a flower to the ladies of the neighborhood. Our goal is to not be instrusive, but to develop relationships by giving – not asking for anything.
  • We plan to host a movie night at the church with free Kona ice truck to invite the kids of the neighborhood to.
  • We traditionally do a huge fall fest on Halloween night. We do this night because we are literally in the neighborhood. WE are a destination for some families and for neighbhorhood families our huge party is a stop during trick-or-treating.

We need ideas! What do you do to build genuine relationships with the families who live right around your church?

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