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I posted before about our process for following up with kids after VBS.   One of our steps is to send a follow-up letter to kids who made a decision during VBS.  Here is the text of the letter we mailed to parents of these kids following VBS:

Dear Parent,

Thank you for allowing your child to participate in an exciting week at Vacation Bible School.  We have learned lots of incredible truths about Jesus and hopefully you’ve seen His love in your child.

This week your child expressed an interest in talking with a leader about what it means to be a Christian.  Your child met one-on-one with a staff member or other adult who explained the gospel of Jesus on his/her level.  Your child discussed that we are all sinners – we all mess up!  Because of our sin we don’t deserve to go to Heaven.  But, God loves each of us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to take the punishment for our sins.  The Bible teaches that if we confess our sins, believe in our hearts that Jesus died for us and rose again, and ask Him to be the Lord, or be in charge, of our lives, we will get to go to Heaven with Him.

After discussing this with an adult, we are excited to share with you that your child has made the decision to receive Christ!  Please know that we did all that we could to make sure that your child truly understood the decision he/she was making.  Please continue talking to your child and help answer any questions he/she might continue to have.

We would love to help you and your child take their next step in their Christian walk.  It is very important that your child understand the decision he/she has made.  We are offering two Next Step classes for families whose kids have made these decisions.  One will be at 4:00 on Sunday, June 19 and one will be at 6:30 on Wednesday, June 22.  We would really like the opportunity to discuss this important decision more in depth.  We also will be having a special baptism service for VBS kids on Sunday night, June 26 during our VBS Celebration and churchwide tailgating/fireworks party. More information about the baptisms will be provided at the Next Steps classes.  Please go to ewestwood.org/rsvp to sign up for one of these classes.

If you would like to discuss this further before the classes, please feel free to call the Westwood Kids office.

Please contact us if there is anything at all I can do to assist you and your child during this exciting time!


God Bless!



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    • Sounds like that would be a great blog post. 🙂 Basics: We walk through each part of the gospel: God rules, people sin, Jesus came, we repent/choose. We give kids/parents a chance to talk to each other about salvation and if they have trusted in Jesus. We read the account of Jesus’s baptism and talk about why we get baptized and what physically happens. Then we take a field trip to the baptistry.

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