To the Ministry Leader at Home This Morning

Who would have guessed last Sunday that this Sunday would look dramatically different? It is 9:00 on a Sunday morning and I am typing this from my bed in my pajamas. That is not a normal Sunday. Outside of vacation or having my babies, I can not recall a Sunday in the past twenty years that I was at home and not at church. On a positive side (that only kidmin leaders may truly understand), this may also be the first weekend in twenty years that I got zero texts about volunteers not coming.

But, it’s weird. I had turned my alarm off, but I still woke up. I feel like I’m cheating or skipping out on my responsibilities. It’s funny how our brains are wired for what is supposed to be a normal Sunday. So, what do we do on this first Sunday when our ministry world is dramatically different?

  1. Rest. Ministry leaders are not geared for rest. Maybe that is part of the problem. I would never presume to know why God has us in this situation at this time. But, perhaps a small part of it is that it will do our hearts, bodies, and families good to just stop for a little bit. So, leader, it’s ok to stop. Sleep late. Engage with your family. I mean, when was the last Sunday that you got to give your family 100% of your attention? Rest.
  2. Worship. You can worship without distraction today. If you church is offering online services, you can worship without worrying about if the nursery has enough goldfish, if the parking lot greeters showed up, or if someone remembered to count the attendance. Your brain can be free from all of those things.
  3. Love and connect with people. As the church, I feel we have a responsibility to battle isolation that may come as a result of all this social distancing. Send a text. Start fun conversations on Facebook. Reach out to the family you know who doesn’t have many connections. As germs and quarantines allow, meet someone for a walk at the park.
  4. Serve uniquely. We have no idea what the coming days and weeks look like. Our world is different and our ministry will have to be different too. Be creative. Ask God to show you new ways to reach people when you are limited in contact. What populations in your community need your ministry’s help? View this as an adventure.
  5. Trust God. Quit worrying about numbers and budgets and what if’s and all the other things that you have zero control over right now. Plan wisely. Lean into the truth that God is sovereign. One of the verses we have taught our kids at church is Psalm 22:8, “For kingship belongs to the Lord; he rules the nations.” These are unprecedented days for church ministry, but God is not surprised.

I would love to hear what God is teaching you during this time. I’m praying for all of us as God stretches us and uses us during this unique season.


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