Six Unique Needs of Foster Kids

508597_missing_momCatherine Greer shared her personal experiences as a foster mom in our last two posts (here and here).  Today she shares interesting insights into unique needs that kidmin staff and volunteers need to be aware of.  

1.  Teachers should keep in mind that foster children lack social skills, including being “bossy”, poor language choices, and not following rules.

2.  Usually a child is delayed a few years behind their physical age, both mentally and emotionally, depending on when the neglect in their life began.

3.  These kids need extra attention and love.  They probably have not heard much about God.

4.  Structure in the classroom is best and having the same teachers each week is extremely important.

5.  Usually, these kids have lacking attention spans, as well as hygiene and bathroom issues.

6.  Often, foster children have eating and/or hoarding issues.  Sometimes this even manifests to the point of stealing.

What have you experienced as unique needs of kids in foster care?  

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