Preparing for a Family Mission Trip

Three weeks from today we are taking a group of 14 (3 families + me + our elementary associate) to Belize for our first family mission trip.  You can read more about why we are going to Belize here.  My family is not joining us this time because my kiddos are so little.  My five year old is a little broken-hearted and wants to go. My prayer that in a couple of years when they are both big enough, we can participate regularly as a family.  I can’t imagine how God could shape their worldview if they begin experiencing missions at an early age.

This is my first time to lead a trip like this, so this is quite a learning experience for me.  Here is what we’ve done so far to prepare:

–  We almost waited too long to buy plane tickets!  Since we are traveling over spring break, timing was a little strange.  We hated to ask for plane ticket money right at Christmas time.  Prices jumped for our dates right when we were ready to buy.  We had to adjust our dates and cut the trip a day short but we know that God is not surprised!

–  We had an initial meeting in January to get to know each other.  We ate dinner at someone’s house and it was fairly informal.  The kids played and the adults got acquainted.  We assigned everyone a prayer partner.  We had some brief conversations with the kids about what was coming.  I tried to stress some concepts that they will have to remember like “We are on God’s agenda!” and “Be flexible!”

– We had a second dinner two weeks later with the purpose of getting more into details.  We were able to skype with David and Karen Rhodes, our missionaries.  They shared with us what all we would be doing.  This made the trip feel so real!  The kids were able to ask whatever questions they wanted.

–  Our next meeting is this Saturday at which we will make more detailed plans.  We will spend one day doing worship programs for kids at the school where we are working.  We will spend another day doing a game day for the kids.  The men in our group are supposed to dig a garden.  We will also spend some time teaching nutrition and hygeine.

–  We have created a blog that contains family devotions to do together to prepare ahead.  You can see it here.  It is not fancy. 🙂

I think that is it so far!  I’m very excited about what God is doing!

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