People in Our World: The FUN Volunteer

This series is focusing on different personalities we encounter with the volunteers on our team.  Yesterday we talked about the needy volunteer.  Today, we will discuss the fun volunteer.


–          This volunteer is the life of the party.  He  is all about the fun.  Kids love him and you often see 5 or 6 hanging off of him at a time.

–          She is usually at least 10 minutes late,  if she remembers to come at all.

–          You can’t help but love this volunteer.  The kids certainly do.


–         This volunteer is often more interested in fun (or what might be more fun) than the job he  is supposed to be doing.  This can be problematic when you have something you’re depending on him for.

–          Her need for fun can distract children from the main purpose.  I’ll never forget sitting in on a 2nd grade class where the teacher was trying to tell the Christmas story and the small group leader kept making donkey and cow sounds.  I guess he felt it needed sound effects?

–   This is the volunteer who will get the kids riled up right before prayer time or makes everyone giggle during a very serious time.  Volunteers who prefer serious and quiet may be ready to boot him out.

How to Lead:

Make sure you have this fun person set up for success by giving him a role that fits his personality.  Make sure his fun and craziness is well-utilized in a job that fits.

–       This person still needs to be held accountable for the same expectations as everyone else, but you also are going to have to realize that they are probably never going to be 100% dependable.  If that is the case, look for roles where they can serve but it is ok if they get there late.

–        Help coach this person about how to gear everything toward your goal in kidmin.  Some people’s natural assumption is that the number one goal with kids is to have fun.  Helping them see that you have some bigger goals in mind may help direct their energy.  Coach them to see how fun definitely has its place, but some silliness can be distracting.

–       Make sure you partner this volunteer with the right person.  Someone who balances out the high energy but can appreciate the personality is ideal.


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