Our Switch to the Gospel Project


Since coming to our church last summer, we have spent a lot of time discussing curriculum and what was the best fit for our children’s ministry. One huge conviction that I had been processing stemmed from this blog post by my friend Sam Luce in which he discusses the stats we throw around about how many kids walk away from faith.  His hypothesis is that rather than walking away from faith, these kids never truly had a clear understanding and acceptance of the gospel.  Sam is a smart guy.  I feel we have spent many years focusing on fun and entertainment and teaching lots of lists of do’s and don’ts.  And kids are growing up without truly knowing the gospel.

The premise of the Gospel Project is that kids walk through a three year scope and sequence that begins in Genesis and goes to Revelation.  Each story points kids to Jesus and explains how that story fits into the bigger plan of God’s redemption.

So we switched. 🙂

Every curriculum has strengths and challenges.  It is not healthy to ever assume that a curriculum will be a perfect plug and play fit or that a curriculum will solve all of your problems.  I’ll write later on about the pro’s and con’s we have discovered, but let me just say for now that it has been a huge win for our ministry so far.  Our teachers love it, our kid are stretched and getting it, and we have some great connection points with parents.

Have you tried the Gospel Project?  What are your thoughts?


  • Since we have switched to this curriculum when I ask my son what he learned in church he is able to tell me the whole story no more “I don’t remember” or “God” answers 🙂 We are extremly pleased with it!!!

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