October Baby: Must See



So here’s the deal.  I am not one to get super excited about movies.  I’m thankful for the releases of more “Christian” movies and we try to support them.  They have great messages and I’m grateful for family friendly alternative

This movie is different.  It is good, really good.  And you need to see it.


October Baby is an independent film that is showing this weekend in select theaters Alabama and Mississippi.  It was produced by local filmmakers and written by Theresa Preston who I am so proud to know.  Parts of it were filmed here, so it was pretty cool to see downtown Birmingham and our alma mater, Samford University, on the big screen.


But beyond that, the story and message of this movie are must see.  It is about a 19 year old girl who not only learns that she is adopted, but that she survived a failed abortion.  The story shares clearly the forgiveness found in Christ, but not in a typical preachy kind of way.

What I was most reminded of through this movie is every single person’s innate desire to be wanted.  Every kid that we encounter in our ministries, regardless of their circumstances, needs to know that someone wants them.  And we all have kids in our ministries who don’t feel that at home or school or anywhere else.

The words on the ad for the movie say: “Every life is beautiful.”  How absolutely true.

So, if you are in Alabama or Mississippi go see it this weekend!  From what I understand this opening weekend will determine how many more theaters it is released in.

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