My New Reality

So, here we are… after 15 years + of living in Alabama our little family is in in Bradenton, Florida.  Today marks two weeks in our new home.  I have been amazed at the smoothness of the transition.  God has been so faithful to help my girls make friends and to feel at home already.  We miss our Alabama “family”, but are so grateful for God making himself evident.

One of my friends commented that I had been quiet. And I guess I have been in the world of blogs and twitter.  I’ve really been just trying to figure out which end is up.

But, now that we are at least a tiny bit settled, I hope to share some of our new reality… what God has taught me already and what He is changing in me through this transition.

Here are a few beginning tidbits.

–  Our first week began with interesting weather.  Tropical Storm Debby parked itself somewhere off the coast and left us with several days of tropical downpours.  My girls did not understand why we had not gone to the beach yet.  We were very thankful when the rains and wind finally died down!

–  We are trying to remember we are not on vacation.  This is the town we have vacationed to for 15 years.  And we live ten minutes from the beach, which is my favorite place in the world.  I declared Saturday night that we had to stop eating out, going to get ice cream everyday, etc… We are not on vacation. 🙂  However, a very wise friend told me I must be a good steward of the sunsets God has blessed me with.  We will still be at the beach a lot.  It’s free.  It’s my favorite thinking place.  And as my friend said, God whispers loudly there.


–  I live in the backyard of the church.  Seriously. 🙂  We have been blessed to live in house that the church owns and it is literally 30 seconds from my backdoor to the door of the children’s hall.  It’s a pretty tough commute.

 Deeper thoughts tomorrow.  But for today, hello from Sunny Florida.   Pray for God to do big things here!


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