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Our next challenge was determining leadership.  Our campus pastor is Jason Seales and it was determined that he and I would work together alot to pull this thing together.  Jason is a great leader with lots of creativity and a passion to reach lost people.  I have also known Jason forever (my husband taught one of his high school Sunday School classes – yes, he makes me feel old) so he’s kinda like family to us.  We work together well when we aren’t driving each other crazy. 🙂

We knew we wouldn’t be able to pay children’s staff right off.  I knew I needed to find someone who knew our ministry inside and out and would keep the DNA in our ministry consistent at a new campus.  First I asked some core members of our ministry to pray about it, confident that there was no one else that could adequately do it. That had to mean it was God’s plan, right?  What a lesson God had for me when they told me no.

We had an interest meeting at the first of the year where we invited key people from our church body who lived in Calera.  I was kind of hoping to go into that meeting able to tell people who would be leading kidmin.  A sweet girl who had served in our children’s ministry twice a month for a couple of years was there with her family.  When they expressed interest in helping start the campus, God kind of gave me a nudge that she might be the right one to lead kidmin.

Long story short we went to dinner, I shared how I wanted her to do this really huge job for free, and she said yes.  And she has been ABSOLUTELY. INCREDIBLE.  Her name is Alison Baggett and you should follow her on twitter because God is going to use her (and already is!) in some pretty incredible ways.  She jumped right in with both feet.

We spent a lot of time together over the summer so that she could understand my heartbeat for ministry.  She shadowed me through VBS and on Sunday mornings.  I made her read Volunteers that Stick.  We talked ALOT – she was the first person I ever trained on Facebook chat.  And we went to get ice cream alot.  I really believe in building leaders through relationships and we have had a blast.

I guess what I learned is:

1) If God is calling us to start a campus, He has the perfect people picked out to lead it.  Our Calera staff is incredible – and all volunteer.

2)  Don’t be afraid to ask people to do really big things for God.  They might surprise you and say yes.  And they will likely do an even more incredible job than you ever imagined.

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