Issues: Biting and Cell Phones

As we continue our series on behavior issues, it would be bad to not include the following video as our introduction to the issue of biting:

By the way, if you are in kidmin and are unfamiliar with Yo Gabba Gabba, shame on you! ūüôā



Р lots of time biting occurs because little ones are fighting over a toy.  Consider providing duplicates of popular toys.

– ¬†recognize that biting usually occurs because kids don’t know how to handle their frustrations or emotions. ¬†Usually it is not malicious.


Р   handle immediately with a consequence

Р  inform the parents of the biter and the bitten.  You do not have to tell the parents of the bitten one who the culprit was, and it is probably wisest not to.

Р  provide an extra youth or adult to supervise the biter more closely for a little while


– don’t bite the biter. ¬†Aw, we shouldn’t have to say that, right? ¬†But older generations or even current mamas may need to be reminded. ¬†While that may work in individual’s homes, it is a pretty terrible plan in a church or classroom setting.

Cell phones

Р Provide rules and guidelines for what is acceptable and unacceptable and make sure these are clear with parents.
Р Recognize we are in a whole new world when it comes to this type of technology.  More and more kids use Bibles on their phones/tablets.  How can you utilize this without losing focus?
Р Provide drop box, into which all cell phones get dropped when kids come in the door.
Р Take/confiscate phones after warning (return after ministry time is over)
Р keep (or threaten to keep) permanently Parents would not be happy.
– ¬†Don’t demean the kids for having it or being tempted by it..
РDescribe cell use as a distration from learning about God and interferes with our relationships with God.  (This is true of grown ups too by the way!)
Do you have a funny biting or cell phone story?  We heard some great ones in the workshop at Kidmin and would love to hear yours too!


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