Gospel@Center is Coming

I’ve been in kidmin for awhile now. If I’m adding correctly, it has been at least 20 years since my first summer internship at my home church. While I refuse to admit that I’m old, I will admit that you certainly see and learn a lot over two decades of ministry. You see some kids’ lives from the newborn nursery to college. You see kids grow up and enter the ministry or full-time missions. You see kids you have loved dearly walk away from the faith. You see your own kids grow up and begin to grow out of your ministry.

In all of that I know I have also learned what really, truly matters.

If my ministry is fun and relevant and the coolest church in town for kids to attend but they aren’t clearly understanding the gospel, what I’m doing doesn’t matter.

If I have the most amazing children’s space with cutting edge technology, but kids come through my ministry and don’t know the Bible, what I’m doing doesn’t matter.

If my church has the biggest crowds and my ministry is busting at the seams with growth, but the kids don’t truly love and know Jesus, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe it is the growing older thing, but I have recently grown more and more passionate about helping the kidmin community at large refocus on what matters. I also have amazing friends who are passionate about the same thing.

So, this Friday Gospel@Center launches.

The purpose is to create  conversations, content, and community that empower gospel fluency within the lives of those who train and proclaim truth to the next generation. We want to both equip and connect with like-minded youth leaders, kids leaders, and parents who strive to provide a big faith that kids can grow into, rather than an overly simplistic faith they grow out of. We believe that all of the Bible is helpful for kids and all of the Bible shows us what God is like by pointing us to Jesus.  We believe that ministry can be centered around the gospel and still be engaging and meaningful for kids and youth. We believe that what we are called to do is too crucial to center on anything else.

I don’t think we are the only ones who believe these things. I am already getting such great feedback from other leaders and we haven’t even launched this. I think the ministry community is hungry for this and I pray God is glorified in every bit of it.

We want you to be a part. If you are a kids’ leader, youth leader, or a parent who wants to see this generation centered on the gospel, jump in. Spread the word. Let’s make it hard for kids in this world to not know Jesus.


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