Easter Gospel Presentation Using Emoji’s

This week I had the honor of teaching at the Easter chapel at my children’s school. I feel like I am always seeking new and creative ways to share the gospel in ways that are kid-friendly, clear, and Biblically sound. I assume I’m not the only one who is often searching for new gospel presentations. If that is you or if you need a last minute Easter lesson, I hope this is helpful to you!

My kids are crazy about Emojis. (And let’s admit most grown ups are too).  I decided to use that language that our kids are so familiar with to connect to the gospel. Basically, I chose 16 emojis to tell the story of the gospel from creation to Jesus rising from the dead. I had the emojis on powerpoint, but I also printed them on cards for kids to hold. This visual helped kids engage and gave me something to move around and do to hold their attention.  I shared one emoji at at time, giving kids a key phrase to repeat for each emoji. After introducing a new emoji, we would go back and repeat the previous ones.

You can see the attached emoji gospel cards.

  1. God is the King. (crown emoji) The Bible begins with “In the beginning, God…”  He has always been and will always be. He rules over all.
  2. God created the world. (world emoji).  The rest of Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
  3. God made people. (boy and girl emoji). God’s prize creation was people. He made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden.
  4. People sin. (emojis of snake and apple) Recount briefly the story of the fall.
  5. They were separated from God. (crying emoji).  God is king and holy. He can’t be with sin.
  6. The wages of sin is death. (death emoji). Romans 6:23 says that sin brings death.
  7. People tried and tried and tried (emojis of monkeys: see no evil, etc)  Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people tried to keep the law and tried to do good.
  8. But people sinned. (devil emoji). The Israelites, the people in the time of the Judges, etc… the story is the same. People tried to keep the law, they sinned, God rescued them, repeat.
  9. But God so loved the world. (heart emoji)  Have kids say John 3:16 with you.
  10. He sent His son. (Baby emoji)
  11. Who lived a perfect life. (100 emoji)
  12. But died on the cross. (cross emoji).  We said the wages of sin was death. Jesus took our punishment and died on the cross.
  13. But rose again. (surprise emoji) I read the resurrection account from Matthew 28.
  14. He made a way… (hands raised in celebration emoji).
  15. For us to go to heaven. (clouds, angel emoji)
  16. But we have to make a choice. (Thinking emoji). We have to decide if we believe all this, if we realize we sin and need Jesus’ forgiveness, and if we want Jesus to be our Lord and Savior and be in charge of our lives.

I hope this is clear and that it helps in your Easter planning!  Happy Easter! He is Risen!

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