Choose Your Guilt

This morning our church was doing an awesome morning of community service called “Serve Shelby County”.  I was very fired up about Westwood making an impact in our community and our people getting their hands dirty in service.  I love that stuff.  One of my favorite staff members, Corey Stewart, had worked really hard organizing it.

As I got up to go this morning, my three year old had an absolute meltdown.  Like hanging onto me screaming, “Please don’t go this time, please don’t go, please stay with me.”  Nothing like a little three year old guilt.

So I thought about what a big deal this event was.

I thought about how important it was for all staff to be there.

I thought about how my friends had worked so hard to organize it.

And I looked at the goofy three year old hanging onto my arm.

And then God spoke to my heart and said, “This time pick her.”

So I sat down and watched Aladdin.

One of my favorite books ever is Andy Stanley’s Choosing to Cheat.  He talks about how you are going to end up cheating someone – work or family and you are going to feel guilty about it.  So, figure out who you want to feel guilty about cheating. Too often I default on cheating my family for time in ministry.

I can’t always choose to cheat work and stay home and watch Aladdin, but today I could.  I wanted my little one to have memories of me choosing her over ministry.  I don’t want her to grow up resenting the church and ministry because Mama always picked ministry.  Wish I got that right more often and I’m thankful for a pastor and fellow staff members that understand.



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