Conviction from a Not-Quite 5 Year Old

My sweet (and mostly crazy) firstborn will be 5 in nineteen days.  We are filling out her app for kindergarten and just registered her for softball.  How did she get so big?  She is brilliant like her daddy.  Her brain – and mouth – never stop.  She is currently obsessed with playing wii or computer games.  She reads like a champ and...

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What We Put in Little Hearts

Both my undergrad and master’s degrees were in education.  I know textbook child development and I have learned what the books say about how impressionable little minds are.  Brain research intrigues me, especially what discoveries have been made about how much even babies can learn. But none of that really registered until I had two little...

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No Such Thing as Balance: Rhythm and Seasons

As a fulltime Mama and fulltime children’s minister, probably the greatest lesson I’ve learned over the past 4+ years is that balance is unobtainable.  At least for me.   I think a lot of the mama guilt and a lot of the employee guilt that we struggle with is based on the false idea that to be perfectly fair equals all time has to be...

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