Helping People Take “Next Steps”

My pastor is passionate this year about helping people find their next step in their walk with God.  For some it may be big like joining a small group or going on a mission trip.  Many, though, need a smaller step.  Some people’s next step might be come to church 2x a month instead of 1.  Some people’s next step may be to read their Bible...

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What We Put in Little Hearts

Both my undergrad and master’s degrees were in education.  I know textbook child development and I have learned what the books say about how impressionable little minds are.  Brain research intrigues me, especially what discoveries have been made about how much even babies can learn. But none of that really registered until I had two little...

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Local Family Mission Opportunities

So, as I’m working on our family mission trip to Belize,  I’m pretty convicted about offering missional opportunities for families to serve together in local settings.  One of our core strategies for our family ministry is for kids to have “challenging spiritual experiences”. To be honest, though,  it was my almost five year...

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