We Don’t Give Little Bitties Enough Credit

By profession I do elementary ministry.  But over the past 3 1/2 years I have had an eye-opening welcome into preschool world, thanks to the two little people God has put in our home.  Random people told me that I would do ministry different when I was a parent.  I think they thought I would lighten up on discipline and the high expectations we have...

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Why I Believe God Still Uses VBS… Part 2

Here are my last 5 favorite things that God did this past week at our VBS: 6.  Great story – one little girl was overheard in the backseat on Wednesday telling her friend, “tomorrow is the best day, we talk about what Jesus did for us!”  Did you catch that?  A little girl was pumped that the next day they would be talking about Jesus.  Too cool. 7. ...

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Why I Believe God Still Uses VBS

Let me go ahead and confess that we still do VBS.  In fact we break all of the “cool, big church” rules.  We still even call it “VBS” and sometimes I even slip and say “Vacation Bible School”.  I know that is anti-cool, but in our culture in suburbia Alabama it still works.  We also still have it in the morning...

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