Answering Kids’ Tough Questions

This week I got to put together a teaching on answering kids’ tough questions. (Sidenote: Tony Kummer from has a really cool project coming soon… be watching for it).

It was funny that while I was working on it I got messages from two different church members about how to answer wild questions that their kids were asking.  Where did kids come up with these things?  My girls can go from “Why isn’t Diego on tv?” to deep questions about the trinity in three seconds flat.

This coming week, we are going to explore some of these tough questions and how I would answer them, but this totally has to be a conversation.  I know you, the kidmin and parent communities, have great insight too and you know MUCH more than me.

Here are my basic guidelines when answering tough questions:

*Answer according to age and maturity – a three year old can not handle the same depth of answer as a ten year old.  Some five year olds are much more mature than others and require deeper answers.
* Always be honest – the easy thing is to answer with a vague, quick, pat answer even if it is not entirely true.  Our goal is not easy. Our goal is for kids to know Christ and have a Biblical worldview.
* Always point back to Scripture – Always.  Start with what the Bible says.  If it doesn’t say anything, then say that.  “The Bible doesn’t really say…”
* Always separate your opinion from the Bible – This is especially important for questions that are not directly addressed by Scripture.  Make sure kids know that you are sharing what you think, not what is straight from the Bible.
* Balance of speaking truth in love – Let’s say a child asks if it is ok that his parents are getting a divorce.  We could begin a diatribe the evils of divorce and how his parents are sinning.  That would be true, but could devastate the child.  We could give fluffy answers about how it is ok and God is love and it doesn’t really matter.  That would be loving and will make the child feel good, but it is not the whole Scriptural truth.  The tough balance is sharing what God’s Word says, but balancing it with His love.  The goal is always to draw kids closer to Him while understanding what His Word really says.
I asked some of the parents in our ministry to share tough questions their kids have asked.  Here’s a sample of what they shared:
  • How can God be everywhere?

     If it’s Gods decision when we go to heaven, I’f we r really good & obey will he let us come back????
  • Why does God take babies????Why can’t some people have children? 

    Why do bad things happen to good people
    If God is so big that HE can hold the world in his hand, then how is HE so little that HE lives in our hearts?
    If God made everything, then who made God?
Wow, tough questions.
What would you add?  What tough questions have your kids or kids in your ministry asked?


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