8 Gift Ideas for the Single Parent on Your List

First, a disclaimer. This is not a subtle hint for things that I want. 🙂 I am well-taken care of. However, the probability is high that you have a single parent somewhere in your life. And even if you don’t have a single parent on your shopping list, let me encourage you to pause and look around your world and see if there is one who might need a blessing from you this Christmas season.

  1. Include them in friendly get-togethers. Sometimes it is awkward knowing if a single person wants to come to events with a lot of couples. Unfortunately, that often results in singles not being included in gatherings. Let them decide. The main thing is to make them feel included and encourage them to be a part. When they choose to come, don’t be weird, but make sure they don’t feel isolated.
  2. Offer to take the kids shopping. I remember the stress from my own childhood of knowing it was a holiday and I didn’t have a present for my mom. Taking the kids shopping meets many needs. Not only does it help the kids and also gives the parent a few hours of quiet.
  3. Have supper appear at the door. Whether this is making a meal yourself or having pizza delivered, this would be a huge help. If you are the super-industrious type, provide some of those freezer meals that always pop up on Pinterest so that they family can have some healthy, yet easy options.
  4. Send a one-time cleaning service. Will they be offended? Maybe for about 30 seconds or right up until they walk in after the cleaning service has been there and everything smells amazingly clean! This gift is a blessing to any parent, especially single ones.
  5. Give either a super practical gift card OR something that will allow them to do something just for them. Practical could include a grocery store or gas card. If you choose to do a more personal card, make sure it fits who they are and their stage in life.  A reader would love an Amazon card, many ladies love manicures or massages, dads may love a golf gift certificate. As sweet as any gesture is,
  6. Make sure they have a place to spend holiday meals. A sweet family has taken mine in over the past years. They have given us a place to call home for the holidays, cousins for my girls to play with, and
  7. Pay for a subscription to a grocery delivery service. Shipt is a great example and felt like a miracle overtime the groceries showed up.
  8. A handwritten note of genuine encouragement. Take just a few minutes to put into writing what you see in and admire about the single parent. Give specific examples. Let the parent know you are cheering for him. Reaffirm that you are in the parent’s corner and there for whatever is needed.

What ideas would you add?

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